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About Us

16+ Years
Of Experience
Behind The Wheels // 


We are a Michigan Certified driving School, all of our Instructors are Michigan Certified driving instructors. We are in full compliance with the laws of the State of Michigan. All our cars meet all state-mandated safety regulations with dual brakes and mirrors.

Family Driving School understands that driving can be fatal if not properly instructed, that is why we will guarantee smaller classrooms to provide your teen with the full attention that they deserve and need. FAMILY DRIVING SCHOOL isn't just a school, we're family; we provide all students with professional instructors, that are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. All of our instructors are willing, ready, and able to educate safe, defensive driving techniques while enhancing positive attitudes and skills.


We will educate our students on the laws, rules, and highway transportation system. We will encourage and motivate the students to feel confident and safe when taking the first step toward their independence and building their self-esteem. FAMILY DRIVING SCHOOL will teach our students to be defensive, responsive, and alert.


We will prepare the students for all road users.
Family Driving School has gift certificates available. Treat someone you love or like to a gift for life. We have gift certificates available for Segment 1 & 2

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